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iPhone Halloween Costume – Conclusion

November 1st, 2009 17 comments

So here I went on Oct 31st 2009, up the streets of Westlake in Lake Oswego, OR, holding my darling 3-year old daughter’s (Tinker Bell) hand, trick or treating. This neighborhood goes crazy for Halloween. To give you an idea, our neighbors counted 450 kids knocking on their door. The response to the iPhone costume, I must say, was fantastic. The fun thing is that everybody asked me to touch on the buttons, and people seemed to notice even small details like the date on the calendar icon, the Halloween application icon… Lots of people asked me details about how I built it, how long it took (I lied… I said 10 hours 😉 I’ve never heard the word “duuuuuude!” so many times in my life 😉 I initially felt sorry about stealing the show from my little Audrey, but then realized that she seemed to enjoy all the attention that her daddy attracted. I think my costume got her a few more candy too.

There are definitely quite a few ways to improve the costume. Among things that bugged me the most, I was quite underwhelmed by the way it hanged while I wore it. Maybe I could have attached the front to the back using PVC pipes or the like at each corner. I confess I simply ran out of time. Maybe I’ll improve the rig a little bit for next year, and post an update before next Halloween. Ideally, this project should also have been completed at least 2 weeks ago: I would have loved for others to follow the instructions and create their own. We’ll see if that happens next year (I hope that Apple won’t change drastically their iPhone form factor). Nevertheless, I’m pleased as punch by the personal satisfaction I got out of it. The cynic in me kept thinking “why are you wasting your time on such a nut project?” while my more free-spirited side reminded me that it is sometimes important to do things that have no immediate purpose. For the first post of my brand-new blog, I wanted to discuss a topic that I thought could generate some interest at this time of the year. To this date, I have had 2369 unique visitors for this post, and 2 (identical) articles have mentioned my project: one on PC World and the other on chiaroscoro. I have also received almost 100 emails, and had about 25 comments on the posts. But most importantly (sarcasm alert), the revenue generated by those pesky ads on the sidebar generated for me a whopping… $1.08!!!!! Ah, ah! I think those will go pronto. No need to disfigure your blog for that. Anyway, thank you all for your support and your friendly comments. Alvin, thanks for your diffraction suggestions. If I had not run out of time I would definitely have tried it! This was my first and probably longest post. Stay tuned for new ones.

It’s now 1:15AM on the West Coast, and I’m ready for bed… What am I going to do tomorrow?

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