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RV Trip – Day 3

Monday June 26, 2017

We wake up after a good night. Campground is quiet, temperature inside the RV is cold though… well maybe that’s because we did not switch the thermostat from A/C to heat before going to bed, and the nights are pretty cold.
We made pancakes and got the bikes down from the rack. We decide to bike to Teton Village which is about a 5-mile ride on a perfectly paved bicycle trail. To our left, the view of the Tetons is beautiful.
View from the bike trail…
We cross a few animals that look like small squirrels without tails. We learn later that those are pocket gophers. We stop to feed two horses and finally reach the village.
It’s lunch time, so we park our bicycles and make a stop at the Alpenholf, a German restaurant. Teton Village is also a ski resort during the winter, and this restaurant has the feel of a chalet. The menu is also very wintery, minus the kale and quinoa salad that Wendy orders. Views are great, and we have a good time.
After this, we watch some mountain bikers speed down the mountain on a special trail. We’d like to see the view from the summit, and Briger Gondola is free in less than 2 hours. Hey, that’s $95 we don’t mind saving, especially considering that there is a fun rope parkour that Regis, Lucas and Audrey would like to do.
The kids do great, they’re natural. Regis, however, is struggling to keep up, and 2 or 3 elements are really tough for him. My arms are shaking at the end, but the pride is somewhat intact. Wendy is baking in the sun while waiting for us. Time for the gondola. As we rise the view is getting more and more spectacular.
We pass patches of snow and the temperature is dropping quickly. As we reach the top, a perfectly located bar/cafe is calling us. We stop for a beer/ice tea, soak in the sun, spot a few marmots, snap a few photos, chat briefly with the people from the neighboring table (Regis just knocked one of the woman’s head with his backpack, but she was good humored and her friend couldn’t stop laughing).
Time to take the gondola back down.
View seems even better going down, so Regis takes a long video. Once down, we get our bicycle back, and ride back to the RV camp. On the way, Lucas and Audrey spot a snake on the path. Exciting!
Lucky us there is an upscale market on the way and we make a quick stop to purchase proper aperitif (Lillet, duck pate, saucisson, baguette).
Back at the park, we grill again, play some more pétanque, and skip the s’mores this time. Day 3 was another great day.
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