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RV Trip – Day 4

Tuesday June 27, 2017

We have set the alarm for 7am as Wendy has planned a Mad River tour on the Snake River. We had initially planned for a white water rafting trip, which the tour company had to cancel due to high waters and too dangerous conditions. This other type of tour is far tamer. We get a boat dedicated to the 4 of us, and J.R. is our river guide.
He rows the boat as no motors are allowed on the Snake River. He’s the quintessential dude, and shares tons of stories and fact about the river and the area.
Temperature and weather are perfect, and we have a great time. We spot a lot of bald eagles in the air or in their nest. We also see lots of great white pelicans, blue herons, yellow belly marmots.
We also see a very special cow: it belongs to Harrison Ford, whose land we pass by. Although we don’t spot beavers, we see the extent of their work, with plenty of downed trees on the banks. The tour was great, and after 12 miles down the river, we reach our destination, where vans are waiting for us to drive us back to where we started. Time for lunch, we drive to downtown Jackson, where we lunch at Bin 22, a well rated tapas restaurant, according to Yelp. We’re not disappointed.
From there we walk around downtown Jackson and stop for cappuccinos at Cowboy Coffee, which was recommended to us by J.R. (the river guide). Jackson is a very western themed town, with many souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, and a very nice central square.
Since we’ll come back tomorrow, we don’t spend too much time and drive out to Mormon’s Row, which is an old Mormon settlement. It’s only a 15-20 minutes drive and well worth the detour.
The site is peaceful and the background is splendid.
Did I forget to say that Audrey and Lucas are getting along fantastic on this trip. It really add to the success of this vacation so far!
Driving back to the RV park, we suddenly hit a traffic jam on a little windy road. First we thought that a car accident just happened, with several cars parked hastily on the side of the road. We quickly realize that some people got our of their car to snap photos. It’s a female moose with her baby! That is a very special sighting, and unfortunately, there is nowhere for us to park and we have to move along. It was hard to see through the trees, but we got a little glance, and can say we saw a moose in the wild, which few people can say that they have. Once back at the RV park, we prepare dinner (hot dogs!) and since it’s a little cold (it briefly rained during the day), we cozy up inside the RV and watch a movie (Diary of a Wimpy Kid :-). Good night!
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