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RV Trip – Day 7

Friday June 30, 2017

Today will be our first full day in Yellowstone. We stop at the mud volcano to see more geothermic activity and geysers. We then head to the Grand Canyon. On the way there, we stop to admire a herd of bisons with their calves in Hayden Valley. There is quite a traffic jam as we enter the parking lot for the Grand Canyon, but we luck out and find an RV spot for us. At the bottom of the canyon flows the Yellowstone river. Another spectacular view. We then head to the Roosevelt Coral where Wendy booked a Stagecoach ride. We get to ride around the park with some real cow boys, in a replica of the stage coaches that used to roam Yellowstone before cars replaced them in the early 20th century. We learn that the reason each stop in Yellowstone is about 20 miles apart, is because that represents about a one-day journey on a stagecoach. The ride is fun and relaxing and we get the best seats, on the very top. After the ride, we stop at the Roosevelt Lodge where we all sip a drink on rocking chairs on the porch. Un grand moment. We take the road in the direction of our RV camp, and hit a traffic jam. A black bear is on the side of the road! We eventually pass it and make sure to snap pictures and shoot a little video. We then make a stop at the calcite springs. They’re columns of eroded rocks that have very interesting patterns. The photo will describe them best. I realize we’re about to hit our 1,000th mile on this trip, so I snap a photo of the odometer. Minutes later, we pass by more bisons grazing on the side of the road. This concludes another fun-filled day. We reach the RV camp. It’s called outside and the mosquitos are terrible. Besides, the camp is not very pretty, so we stay inside our cozy chateau, and Wendy makes delicious pasta. Kids watch Boss Baby while I type the summary of the previous days. We do not have wifi access in Yellowstone, so this update will have to be uploaded later. Goodnight!

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