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RV Trip – Day 8

Saturday July 1, 2017

Time to unhook and leave the Fishing Bridge RV camp. An extremely loud dumpster truck wakes the whole camp up at 7:30am. Not cool. We’re definitely not fans of this RV camp. As an experiment, although we were hooked up, we only used the water from our tank and did not empty grey and black water tanks. We wanted to see what the gauges would indicate after 2 days doing that, since our next RV camp does not have hook up and we will have to ‘survive’ on water from the tank for 3 days. After 2 days, only 1/3 of the water tank is remaining. We turn on the water from the hookup, but nothing happens, and our water tank gauge still shows 1/3. This is concerning. Is it a defective gauge, or is the tank not filling up as it should? We can’t tinker for too long and have to go because Wendy booked a scenic cruise on Yellowstone lake. This water situation is a little stressful because if indeed we only have 1/3 of a tank, we’re surely going to run out after a day or so. This is a little annoying. Oh well, the worse that can happen is that we can’t shower for 2 days or so 🙂
The cruise is pleasant but nothing special. An over-caffeinated yet well-meaning young ranger is trying a little too hard to throw  too many flat jokes too early in the morning. He gets a few pity laughters, but we’re not sure if people are laughing with him or at him. Lucas is the first to spot a bald eagle at the top of a tree, and he and I enjoy watching it with the binoculars. 2-3 minutes later, the captain of the boat sees it and the whole boat is in commotion trying too late to spot it as it is now mostly hidden by the trunk. Maybe we should have shared the discovery… oh well.
Back on land, we make our way to the most famous geyser in the world: Old Faithful. Before we get there, we hit a traffic jam. We decide to park the RV on the side of the road to go check it out. It’s a magnificent elk, resting in the grass. He does not seem bothered by all the tourists surrounding him in a short distance to take photos, selphies, videos… We hit the road again to soon reach the site of Old Faithful. It was named this way because it faithfully erupts every 90 minutes. Rain or shine, day or night, winter or summer… The lodge they built is pretty, and despite the amount of tourists, the whole experience is great. We don’t have to wait much for the geyser to erupt and again, the photos and videos will speak for themselves. After the eruption, we decide to visit the center, a small museum, then head back to the RV to have lunch. Once the batteries recharged, we head back to the site to hike on the boardwalks surrounding Old Faithful and 20 or so other geysers. It is beautifully laid out, and allows to see a wide variety of pools and geysers of different colors, sizes, smells. We get a solid 10,000 steps walking on these boardwalks (you are warned to never step outside of their limits). Back to the Old Faithful Inn, We spend 10-15 minutes in the gift shop to buy the obligatory few souvenirs. Audrey selects some rocks, Regis buys some postcards (which he most likely will never find or take the time to send. We leave Old Faithful, we make our way to the Grand Prismatic Spring, which is probably the second most famous attraction of the area. Colors of these pools go from turquoise to bright red with every color in between. A ranger tells us that it is the most sold postcard at the gift shop. It’s a great sight from the boardwalk, but I lament that we cannot see it from above. There is a neighboring hill and I mention to Wendy that they should build a boardwalk that goes up that hill to offer a much more spectacular view of that pool. We’ll learn later that it is exactly what they are in the process of doing, after several years of debating the project. The construction should be ready by end of summer. Drones are forbidden in Yellowstone. A tourist dropped his drone in the middle of the Grand Prismatic Spring a few years ago, and the story goes that he actually had the nerve to ask the Yellowstone Park for compensation. He obviously didn’t get any, and the incident prompted the park to forbid the drones altogether. I’ll cheat and provide a photo of the spring that I did not take, to show what we’re missing by only seeing it from the ground. On that photo you see the boardwalk in the top left.
This sight concludes our day and we get back to the camp.
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